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Crystals and gemstones are ancient products of the Earth and gifts to humans. We have a beautiful gift of stone connection and crystal enhancement. We apply this love and gift to all our stones we enhance and sell for you.

We offer a variety of specially chosen attuned stones to enhance your life and energy. These stones are unlocked and enhanced by our energy and ability to bring you to your highest potential in life.

Current Attuned Gemstones for Purchase

Each set and stone is one of a kind and cannot be replicated. The magic of the gemstones is unlocked when the creator, jeweler, and artist refine them. Pick one that attracts to you. Our gemstones will surly stand out in your collection.

Tour the Store: Contact for custom attuned stones NOT listed on the website and to tour our attuned gemstone selection. The fee is $25 a person to view the collection and then you have three days after the meeting to purchase an attuned gemstone.

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Attune Gemstones Puerto Rico, puerto Rico attuned Gemstone.

About Attuned Gemstones by Artcestral

These stones are for youths and adults 13+.

Through our gifts and techniques with gemstones, we enhance the stone’s energy and physical appearance to bring out the true Earth power within each specimen. Our crystals are unlike any crystal you see or feel anywhere in the world because we work with each piece. We love every crystal and carefully attune it to aid you in your life to your highest potential of living.

Each crystal is meant for someone and holds a beautiful message of purity and light. Your job is to view the collection and see which stone you attract to. Everything about you is unique so realize this with each crystal that calls you.

All Attuned crystals are verified by Artcestral

Attuned Path Opening Crystal

These stones are for adults 18+

These stones are to understand art and the finer things in life. Each set and piece is one of a kind and custom cut. These can never be replicated as we bring out the inner beauty of the gem through the polishing, cuts, and grinding.

The more you collect, the more you can build your own art masterpieces of inner Earth element balance and beauty.

All Attuned crystals are verified by Artcestral


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All Attuned are is verified by Artcestral