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Creative Prosperity Meditation with Tigers Eye

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Enhance your life with gemstones and the prosperity frequency of tigers eye in all forms. Free Prosperity Meditation with Tigers Eye Gemstones. Check out our hand carved Programmed Gemstones. Programmed Tigers Eye Trio:https://frequencylifechange.com/product/tigers-eye-programmed-gemstone-trio/ Tigers Eye Frequency for your home:https://www.redbubble.com/i/photographic-print/Tigers-Eye-Gemstone-Frequency-by-Artcestral/83716309.ZRLK5 Listen to this video every day for 14 days and see how your life changes. Please […]

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Balance Psychic Ability Subliminal

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Balance Psychic Ability + Enhance Psychic Power Subliminal ** VERY POWERFUL Subliminal to Balance and Enhance your intuitive abilities. Whatever your gifts are, they may get overwhelming at time trying to learn. Allow this to be your peace and balance you every time you listen. Many blessings and may you find your ways. Save the […]

Frequency Life Change Subliminal Messages

Free Subconscious Reprogramming Videos

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You are what you practice each day and what you put in your mind each day. Change your perspective about yourself and your life will change with you. Here are some videos we created as a gift to all humanity to share love, manifestation, gifts, awakening, enlightening, creativity, and more blessings to enhance your life. […]

Soul Speak Subliminal

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You are here for a reason. We thank you for being here today and being truly you. We understand that life is hard sometimes. We created Soul Speak so anyone can transform their minds and hearts instantly. Soul Speak by Frequency Life Change In today’s times, it is very important for us to understand ourselves. […]

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The Spirit of Adjustment

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Adjustment is an important subject to humans. Life is in constant motion and everything changes each second. Adjustment brings a greater understanding to what it means to be whole because we as human beings always put up mental barriers. This is an illusion and to overcome your illusion and to be free it to love […]

Sacred Space Cover Art FINAL

Sacred Space Audios

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Join us for the first ever frequency changing, spiritual rap, ho’oponopono healing, past experience mending, self-love healing audios: Sacred Space – Self Love Inspiration Audios. To reach the divine is to understand the sacred space. To be in divine is to be at zero level for miracles to reveal themselves everyday. Free yourself and understand […]


Attract Your Twin Flame

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Free Twin Flame Attraction #LoveFrequency #Love COMPLETE Twin Flame Attraction, Balancing & Reunion Subliminal Video POWERFUL LOVE FREQUENCY https://youtu.be/m7seEWFfQRo Allow yourself to be truly blessed and calm for the duration of the video. Attract your true love. Find your Twin Flame in life. I know you want love. Take it from the ones who know […]