Create or Disintegrate – Use it or Lose it

Frequency Life Change Create or disintegrate

A common notion in life. A basic and yet dynamic laws of life: Create or Disintegrate.

This is a statement and concept we have heard many times. This is an absolute law. NOTHING stays where it is. This time and era is a constant evolution of change.

The law decrees that nothing rests, simply. We live in a world of motion. Everything is always changes. You need to have a conscious and subconscious decision to grow and create. Understand that life is about having talents and sharing your creations with the world. This creativity is indestructible.

very expression is life is moving. A thought, an action, a feeling, atoms in the air. Its moving. And the nucleus of your being is spiritual. You are a spiritual being. You are a consciousness in a body. You are energy. You are frequency.

The natural laws are so precise and set out. Natural is natures way. Share your talents or move along. Create or disintegrate. Use it or lose it. Understand yourself fully. Love yourself fully. Use your skills fully and develop them every day. Learn more in the video below with Bob Proctor.


CREATE or Disintegrate ✨ Bob Proctor