Attuned Gemstones

We offer a variety of specially chosen and one of a kind attuned gemstones to enhance your life and energy. These stones are unlocked and enhanced by our energy and ability to bring you to your highest potential in life.

Achieve a Healthy Life

You can literally tell your brain to change your life. Autosuggestion can be used transform aspects of your life through affirmations and frequencies that induce positive self talk, healthy diets, regular exercise, letting go, removing subconscious blockages and much more!


The ability to think critically in groups of like minded individuals is pertinent for business and personal success and development. Living on a high frequency attained by Autosuggestion to will rewire your brain to attract those people into your life to advance your career, relationships, and overall lifestyle.

Improve Brain Acitivty

Positive affirmations listened and spoken aloud every morning and every evening can have a significant impact on your capacity for creative thinking, critical thinking and your ability to remember important information.


Our Supercharged Ebooks are meant to read over and over again to embed frequencies into your brain for lasting change. Search our collection for a book that will benefit you at this point in your life.


Relieve stress through our Meditation Audios. Meditation has also been shown to lower the risk for depression, reduce chronic pain, lower the risk obesity, binge eating and emotional eating, improve sleep quality and aid recovery from chronic illnesses.


You only need to hear a quick line or see an image to have a positive seed planted in your mind. Our Subliminal audios are geared toward directing your subconscious to eliminate fears and old brain programming.